Two women at Austin Race for the Cure, fists raised to show arm muscles / power.

It may be hard to know what to say or do when someone has breast cancer but you know you want to help. At Susan G. Komen we call you a “co-survivor.” A co-survivor can be anyone who is there for a breast cancer patient through their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Co-survivors can include family, friends, spouses, partners, children, and co-workers.

There are many ways co-survivors can support someone who has just been diagnosed or someone who completed treatment years ago. By giving support you show strength and love. There are three main types of support: informational, emotional, and practical.

Visit the co-survivor page to learn more about how you can be there for a loved one during their time of need. Remember that you as a co-survivor need support too. Sometimes watching a loved one battling breast cancer is just as scary as going through it yourself; get resources and facts to get through this challenging time together.