Face Forward with Komen

This year, we’re asking you to face forward with courage, determination and optimism, as we continue the fight to end breast cancer.

Help Komen begin the year by making an impact in our Austin community. You can make a contribution, big or small, by joining us in our spring events. Support Komen this spring by dining with your friends, partnering with us on your own event, or making a promise to stand against cancer together. We’re asking you to put your best face forward and your party shoes on as we paint the town pink and raise money to end breast cancer for all. Stay up-to-date with Komen this spring by following our #FaceForward and #KomenPromise updates on social media.

We want you to be a face of Komen Austin all year. That’s why we’re asking donors, survivors, co-survivors, patients, and everyone dedicated to the cure to face forward with courage, determination and optimism in the fight to end breast cancer forever. Join us as we “Face Forward” to a year of courage, action, and progress by dining with your friends, partnering with us on your own event, or making a #KomenPromise to stand against breast cancer together. By making a #KomenPromise, you are promising to help those who suffer from breast cancer. A #KomenPromise can range from volunteering your time at a Komen event to taking your loved one to doctor appointments weekly. Help inspire others to share their #KomenPromise on social media so we can all collectively Face Forward and defeat breast cancer.

How you can get involved:
Make a Promise – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

“In 2017, I promise to donate 1 time per month to help end breast cancer forever #KomenPromise”

“I promise to encourage 2 friends to get their annual mammogram #KomenPromise”

“I promise to motivate 3 people to sign up for Komen Austin’s Race for the Cure #KomenPromise”

Share your #KomenPromise with us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook (don’t forget the hashtag!)

Keep us updated on how you’re keeping your #KomenPromise all year long, documenting your progress on social media.

Tell us how you did! At the end of the year, we’d love to highlight how everyone’s promises have benefited our community.

Donate now | Make a Komen Promise | Partner with Komen |  Party Dance Pink!

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