The Women in Strides (WIS) outreach program was launched in the summer of 2012 to focus on the issues of African American women and breast cancer. African American women are often diagnosed with later stage breast cancers and have higher mortality rates than other populations. WIS is committed to knowing the facts and changing them through education. Early detection is the key to saving more lives.

WIS understands the hidden fear that is often associated with health concerns. Through education and outreach, the group remains hopeful that they can increase the number of African American women receiving annual breast exams/mammograms within the Austin area. Join WIS to participate in outreach events for Austin’s African American community.


Our Women in Strides group educates the community largely through the Worship in Pink initiative. This unique program for congregations of all faiths and communities helps raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. The goals of Worship in Pink are to provide breast health education in our communities and increase the number of women receiving mammograms.

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Thank you to the founding members of Women in Strides (Perreda Manor, LaTanya Logan, Donna Mercer,  Maureen Oyiriaru and Joanna Pope). These ladies are powering the promise to save lives and end breast cancer forever!

Read a Daily Texan article about Joanna Pope. University of Texas students lovingly call her “Mamma Pope”.