Komen Austin Grants $8,000 to Help Harvey Victims

AUSTIN, Texas / September 1, 2017—Susan G. Komen Austin® (Komen Austin) announced today a new $8,000 grant to CommUnityCare, a Travis Country health services organization, as part of its ongoing efforts to help women with breast cancer who may have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and have now temporarily relocated to Austin.

Komen Austin’s grant will help fund critical patient navigation services to those in local shelters and other facilities to help patients who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment find new providers and receive the critical care they need as quickly as possible. Additionally, the grant will allow CommUnityCare to provide transportation vouchers for women displaced by Harvey who need assistance getting to breast health appointments while they are in Travis county.

Komen Austin serves more than 5,000 people annually in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties, all of which have been impacted by the storm. Susan G. Komen Houston has funded more than 66,453 services to Houston residents during 2016–2017. With residents arriving in Austin from affected areas, it is important this at-risk group receives the care they need. Komen Houston remains active and will continue to serve all Houstonians.

“We fully support our partners in Houston and aim to provide the same care and attention to its patients while they are here,” said Suzanne Stone, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Austin.  “Because of the generosity of the Austin community and their support of Komen Austin, we are able to make this investment to ensure everyone who is here today, whether short-term or long-term, has the breast health care they need.”

Komen Austin has also set up a resource page on their website to help patients find local services. If anyone needs directions or connection to a local care provider, they may also call Komen Austin’s offices at (512) 473-0900.

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